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bookroo box

We love books at our house and one of the highlights of every month is the day that our bookroo box arrives! We have subscribed to bookroo since last summer and every single box has had a great selection.

They have a couple different subscription options for reading levels. We still get the board books, but I think soon we will start getting the picture book box also and let our toddler open those.

Each box comes with three beautifully wrapped books. It definitely makes it more exciting to open, but I kind of wish there was less waste per box. The box also comes with a little card that summarizes the books included with a short description. A couple times we’ve gotten books that we already had, but I’ve just gifted those to friends.

In terms of pricing, it comes out to a little more than you would pay to order the books online or buy in store yourself for the books and shipping but I think it’s worth it for a couple reasons. First of all the excitement of the bookroo box in the mail just adds to our daughters’ love of books and reading and secondly, the books are typically ones that I’ve never heard of and would probably never stumble across on my own, so it expands our library.

Do you subscribe to any monthly boxes? Which ones do you recommend?

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What We’re Reading: edition 1

During my time as a classroom teacher I loved having a print-rich classroom with books across reading levels. I built up a decently sized library during my eight years in elementary education. Of course, I kept most of them to share with the girls and, since I have no self control when it comes to buying new books, the ending result is a home full of books.

The library in my former third grade classroom
Baby room bookshelf with part of our board book collection

As a former teacher I know how important reading is and so my husband and I have really focused on making reading and books a big part of our girls’ lives. There are books in many places around our home (girls’ rooms, playroom, living room) and all are easily accessible. We make weekly visits to the library, spend some time reading each day, and having family story-time at bedtime each night. We also subscribe to a monthly book box – I’ll share our experience with Bookaroo in another post! Now, we have a toddler who loves to look through books and “read” them to anyone who will listen (poodle included!)

I try to make our books seem even more exciting and novel by rotating our seasonal books and holiday books out during the year. I just pulled our Autumn/Halloween books out at the beginning of October and we’ve been revisiting some of our favorites since.

This week we’ve been reading all about Autumn; leaves falling and the changing weather. Fall is Here! covers some common seasonal activities and has fun, bright images. Autumn is a new one for us this year – it doesn’t have any words so its been fun to let Miss 3 use her imagination to tell me a story using the book. Leaves is a really sweet story about a bear and the things we can observe in nature during changing of the seasons.

I hope you enjoy them as much as we do! What are some of your Autumn favorites?

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Hello and Welcome

Hi, I’m Meaghan! At little about me – I’m a mom of two little girls (3 and 0). Our family recently had a big move from the Portland, Oregon area to Frederick, Maryland. I taught for 8 years before becoming a stay at home mom when our little one was born this summer.

I’m learning quickly that being home full-time with two kiddos can be so challenging and I’m always looking for new activities for my toddler. I’ve found myself looking to mom blogs, Pinterest and my teaching background for inspiration.

I hope I can share some new and fresh ideas! Comment if there is something you’d like to see me post about!