Toddler Activities

Pumpkin Hunt

One of the skills I’ve been practicing with my toddler is her scissor technique. We’ve practiced with scissors and also this cool scissor/scoop combo tool. I’m not sure what to call it (scooper?), but it’s definitely fun to use!

This week I set up a “pumpkin patch” in our play tray. I just put a piece of green construction paper down to add a little background. Then, I filled the tray with some pipe cleaner vines and pom pom pumpkins.

Miss 3 got to use the scissor/scoop to pick the pumpkins from the patch and sort them into cups by size. I think next time, I’ll use bowls that are a little more shallow and wide to make it easier to see what is inside each one.

This activity was definitely a fine motor challenge, but she picked all the pumpkins with the tool! We’ve used this little guy for every sensory bin activity you can imagine. It’s big enough to pick up a cotton ball, but it closes securely enough to hold small beans.

What tools do you use for sensory play? I’ll be sharing our favorites next week!

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Hello and Welcome

Hi, I’m Meaghan! At little about me – I’m a mom of two little girls (3 and 0). Our family recently had a big move from the Portland, Oregon area to Frederick, Maryland. I taught for 8 years before becoming a stay at home mom when our little one was born this summer.

I’m learning quickly that being home full-time with two kiddos can be so challenging and I’m always looking for new activities for my toddler. I’ve found myself looking to mom blogs, Pinterest and my teaching background for inspiration.

I hope I can share some new and fresh ideas! Comment if there is something you’d like to see me post about!


the beginning

Since becoming a stay at home mom, I’ve been looking for a creative outlet and I’m so excited to be starting this blog. I’ll be sharing our daily activities and talking about how we fill our days!

Clearly, I am new to blogging and still a complete novice, but if you have any questions about creating a blog with WordPress, I’d be happy to share my experience!

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