Toddler Activities

Invitation to Play: Halloween

This is the first year that our toddler has really gotten excited about costumes and trick-or-treating so I’ve really enjoyed celebrate the holiday in many ways with her! I set out some beans, split peas, pom poms, foam characters and kinetic sand for a Halloween themed play tray for this week.

If you don’t have Kinetic Sand yet, you need some We have a couple packs of purple and I’m planning to get some of the sand-colored sets! It is the most relaxing to play with – I think I have as much fun as our toddler when we get it out.

It holds its shape for long enough that you can mold it, but still manages to be soft and pliable. Kinetic Sand doesn’t dry out which is perfect because I can leave it out in our play tray or flisat table without ruining it. It is mostly easy to clean up, unlike actual sand, although I have a hard time vacuuming every bit up from our Berber carpet. Still, all in all I highly recommend!


Baking: Halloween Cookies

Baking has always been one of my favorite hobbies and with two kiddos I don’t get a chance to do it as often as I used to, so if we get some quiet time while little miss naps, I often invite Miss 3 to join me in baking.

Last week we dug out our autumn cookie cutters, picked up some Halloween sprinkles, and decided to make a batch of sugar cookies.

When it came to decorating, I think Miss 3 ate more of the sprinkles than she actually sprinkled. I used a plastic plate with divided sections for sprinkles and it helped keep them mostly contained! We did a little frosting with sprinkles on half of them and sugar sprinkles on the other half. The mix made about 16 very large cookies, so if your cookie cutters are not gigantic like ours, you could probably easily make two dozen.

I was really lazy and made cookies from a mix this time and they turned out mostly blob-shaped, so I definitely need a recipe that holds shape better. If you have an amazing sugar cookie recipe, please share!