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Invitation to Play: Candy Corn

We have been all about play dough and small parts play at our house lately. I thought we would use some candy corn pieces as “kernels” to make ears of corn. I made a sample for Miss 3 and talked about creating the parts of the ear of corn (cob, kernels, husk), but then she was free to use her imagination to make whatever she wanted!

We used a couple tools from our play dough kit to make lines and add some texture. I also offered some pom poms and felt balls for some added choice and tactile play.

It was a hit! I think we’ll be using this set up in our tray all week!

Invitation to play tray

Miss 3 was all about it! This kept her occupied for a good chunk of our morning.

I’m think later this week, I’ll switch out the pom poms for some green paper grass to add a new texture. What else would you put in this invitation to play?

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Hello and Welcome

Hi, I’m Meaghan! At little about me – I’m a mom of two little girls (3 and 0). Our family recently had a big move from the Portland, Oregon area to Frederick, Maryland. I taught for 8 years before becoming a stay at home mom when our little one was born this summer.

I’m learning quickly that being home full-time with two kiddos can be so challenging and I’m always looking for new activities for my toddler. I’ve found myself looking to mom blogs, Pinterest and my teaching background for inspiration.

I hope I can share some new and fresh ideas! Comment if there is something you’d like to see me post about!